CloudDesk vApp

Access your applications on any device, anywhere!

CloudDesk vApp delivers virtual applications from the cloud to your Windows, iOS, Android or even ChromeOS. Each legacy application will be delivered through the browser without any installation required.

vApp enables software metering and license tracking, application provisioning as well as application sandboxing. 

Virtualize Your Applications

  • CloudDesk delivers virtual applications that are easy to deploy and manage – no installs, dependencies or conflict.


Reduce application management cost and complexity

  • vApp can significantly decrease the application management costs by as much as 90% with virtual applications deployment. The costs for regular updates and upgrades are done at the central server instead of at all end points.


CloudDesk vApp

Key Benefits

How it Works and Delivers

  • Provide one, integrated console for roles, servers, collections, users, and virtual machines

  • Offer consistent publishing applications and desktops, and real-time metering reports

  • Application is packaged or isolated by our technical expert with centralised permission

  • Application will be tested in all platform before streaming applications to users

  • Run application on any browser, without installing on the user’s device

About CloudDesk

CloudDesk, headquartered in Malaysia, has been developing and delivering unique cloud solutions since 2009 for educational institutions, government agencies and enterprises across Asia. CloudDesk’s suite of proprietary solutions deliver Next-Generation Virtual Workspaces which create operational efficiencies and drive long-term cost savings while also enhancing the end-user experience.

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