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CloudDesk VDI

Lightweight VDI for virtual desktop accessbility anytime, anywhere

CloudDesk VDI is a purpose-built server-based processing virutalization tool that enables pooled, sessioned or personalized desktop for each user, with the flexibility to configure, and the ease and simplicity of centralized management.

BYOD & Mobility

CloudDesk enables users to use their own device, and mobile workers to access their desktop anywhere anytime

Users profiling & security

CloudDesk empowers IT managers to centrally configure and manage virutal desktops for different user profiles and groups, including security and data protection policies

Low resources investment and compatiblity challenges

A light-weight software which do not require as heavy resources and saves up to 66% of the investments compared to that of a traditional VDI solution. It allows upgrading to lastest OS and run legacy applications.

CloudDesk VDI

Key Benefits

How it Works and Delivers

  • Uploads the OS Image and Apps to the CloudDesk VDI Server ??

  • Users can acess the virtualised images through a HTML5 browser

  • All information remains within company's technology infrastructure

  • Sessions are wiped clean after each user logs off

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