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Education - building the next-gen digital learning environment

Education is increasingly going online with students and faculty able regularly utilizing learning management systems and ever more complex applications. CloudDesk’s solutions provide for the mobility students and staff expect, help schools maximize their existing infrastructure and improve control over IT resources while minimizing the overall technology footprint.

Providing Mobility Solutions for Students, Professors and Staff

CloudDesk’s desktop virtualization suite of solutions allow students and staff to access critical university applications from anywhere, including their own laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Let us Design a Solution to Fit Your Institutions Needs

The above constitutes only some of the ways a CloudDesk solutions can benefit educational institutions. Contact CloudDesk today to design a solution specifically tailored to meet the objectives of your institution.

Educational institutions can choose to either deliver a full desktop experience or direct access to specific applications through a virtualization solution.

Full desktop virtualization allows users to access a full desktop experience through any HTML5 enabled browser. The desktop they receive will provide them access to all of the functionality and applications they are accustomed to when using a school-owned computer but provide the flexibility to access from any device, including their own, regardless of their operating system.

As an alternative to desktop virtualization, application virtualization allows users to access only certain applications you wish to provide them (also through any HTML5 enabled browser) without delivery of a full desktop. Application virtualization can also be set up to permit users to download certain applications onto their computers to be run locally.

There are multiple options for implementing desktop virtualization, application virtualization or both depending on the types of applications to be delivered, desired user experience and internal policies.

Desktop and Application Virtualization for BYOD

CloudDesk’s solutions can also be tailored for school-managed equipment in classrooms and computer labs. In these instances a full, centrally-managed desktop image can be pushed out to your computer labs and classrooms with the same look and feel as if the operating system was loaded locally. With the central management, it even means that you can push different desktop experience and applications to different parts of the school, so an engineering lab can provide the most relevant applications for engineering students while an art lab can provide others. Desktops can even be managed based on the time-of-day, so you can provide different services such as public testing facilities in the evenings or weekends out of the same labs.


For IT teams, the central management also means that updates and patches take place centrally in the server, so your team no longer has to load updates on each computer manually. Additionally, with much of the processing now being done on your central servers, your existing equipment will last longer and does not need to be as powerful.

Optimize the Functionality of Computer Labs with vDesk
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