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Public / Government

Public / Government - Secured and Profiled Desktop Access

The public and government sectors around the world are trying to introduce technology to citizens and show how they function and deliver services better. Public sector is under penetrating pressure to reduce costs without undercutting critical services and improve services with limited budgets. Government organizations must be able to act on vital information and respond quickly. CloudDesk supports government agents wherever they work and provides reliable and high availability access to resources.

Eases technological burden involved with system support and maintenance. CloudDesk innovates to help reduce waste, increase data center efficiency and utilization rates and lower operating costs – reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) up to 90%. Our solutions empower government department improve their services by increasing volume output and productivity with less running costs.

Effectively reduce IT expenses

Confidential information stored in secured server, government agencies exchange information through cloud server promises the confidentiality by benefits of CloudDesk. Information accessibility available with Internet connections – user gets instant access and monitor reports from anywhere.

Securely access and exchange confidential information
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