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  • Tertiary Institution: CloudDesk was successfully deployed on a university campus with 18,000 users, providing Windows 7/8 virtual operating systems to over 1,500 desktops campus-wide. Instead of managing over 100 PC images, CloudDesk enabled the customer to push out 1 single pristine golden image to all desktops.

  • K-12 Public School: With no dedicated on site IT technician to help solve daily computer lab issues, a K-12 school deployed CloudDesk's solutions to centrally manage 200 lab computers thru a single 1U server. The single CloudDesk server can also delivers different versions of Windows and different applications to the lab computers based on class timetable.

  • Education Campus: A campus decided to deliver lab applications to students through a wireless access point. CloudDesk delivered virtual applications to students' laptops from a single server. CloudDesk's unique offline caching features allows the virtual applications to be cached at student desktops allowing continued use even if network connectivity is lost.

Public & Government

  • Public Hospital: A government hospital was facing a budget constraint in yearly desktop refresh. By leveraging on CloudDesk, over 80 legacy desktops were re-purposed and given new life thru extra juice provided by a single server.

Commercial Enterprise

  • Large Enterprise: A large conglomerate has just invested in an multi-million ERP software that requires specific components on each desktops (JAVA version, .NET version and Registry Settings). CloudDesk delivered a virtualized enterprise web-app with built-in environment variables that does not conflict with local system settings. CloudDesk's solution enabled a multi-million dollar ERP system to be deployed on schedule to over 800 enterprise workers.

Finance / Insurance

  • Financial Institution: A local bank was tied to legacy Windows XP desktops as its ERP could not be migrated to Windows 7 without significant investment. CloudDesk virtualized the ERP application and delivered it in a Windows 7 environment saving a year of development and millions of dollars.

About CloudDesk

CloudDesk, headquartered in Malaysia, has been developing and delivering unique cloud solutions since 2009 for educational institutions, government agencies and enterprises across Asia. CloudDesk’s suite of proprietary solutions deliver Next-Generation Virtual Workspaces which create operational efficiencies and drive long-term cost savings while also enhancing the end-user experience.

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