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CloudDesk vDash

Monitor your users, machines and applications online

CloudDesk vDash is a simple and customizable monitoring, metering and reporting tool, to gather and display usage statistics on a dashboard online

CloudDesk vDash

Key Benefits

Optimise resources utilisation

CloudDesk enables you to monitor itemized or grouped IT resources, providing you a clear understanding of its utilization rate and how you can optimise ROI and costs savings

Supports customisation & multiple businesses

It allows you to create and customise your own users, machines, applications, licenses and inventory listngs and groupings. It also supports management of multiple business entities or units, hence providing both choice of filtered and/or consolidated reporting.

Cloud-based and multi-tenanted

It is cloud-based and multi-tenanted, allowing authroised access by intended personnel anytime, anywhere even across geographical spread

How it Works

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