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CloudDesk vDesk

Desktop streaming with offline capability

vDesk is a desktop virtualization and management platform, whereby the client can be managed through a single application. All operating systems, application software, policies and data are stored centrally in server.

Having a large number of shared computer resources results in many challenges for IT teams who have to manage each desktop individually. CloudDesk vDesk helps organizations deploy and manage standardized desktops across their lab or computer center infrastructure.

Desktop images are compiled in a central server and can be painlessly provisioned by a central administrator to different machines or rooms depending on usage requirements.

CloudDesk vDesk

Centralised Lab / Kiosk computing management

  • Single “command and control center” for infrastructure and resources which may be spread across multiple buildings or even campuses.

Image Management

  • Easily capture multiple “golden images” that can instantly be deployed to any networked computer.

Patch / Upgrade Management

  • Install new software, patches and upgrades centrally once and instantly deploy to all machines.

Offline Access Capabilities

  • Users can continue working even if the network connection goes down.

Security / Remote Control

  • Machines can be configured to reset on every restart ensuring that every user receives a clean environment. IT manager can remotely take control of each desktop access to reduce potential threats

Key Benefits

How it Works and Delivers

  • Uploads the OS Image and Apps to the vDesk Server

  • All Clients connects to the Server through PXE Boot

  • Server delivers OS and Apps to users devices without formatting or installing it to the client’s machine

  • Clients gets the OS and Apps in just Minutes even without a harddrive

  • vDesk can be easily integrated to server's AD environment enabling multiple users to use a Single vDesk image without duplication/integration issues

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