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Cloud computing has been recognized as an important component in the field of education. The higher education sector requires advanced tools for data sharing, educating, security protection, as well as for advanced instruction. With the applications delivered via network is aimed to lessen institutions’ IT complexity and costs. Besides, deploying cloud computing for research institutions can gain substantial flexibility and agility.

Most research institutions aim to deliver quality services but facing a difficulty in higher education budgets. Thus, the role of cloud computing has become important and necessary. With cloud computing, however, things become more easily manageable.

CloudDesk solutions enables anyone who needs computing resources requirements such as processing power and desktop access at anytime. It only takes a short time period to deploy and dedicate the resources for your ad-hoc, short term or extended period of research objectives. More importantly, it does not require additional hardware, costs and efforts for IT to prepare and meet each unique end user requirements.

Computing availability and scalability on-demand

CloudDesk brings the existence of standard platform for students and lecturers to discuss and share their notes across different devices or operating system. Study materials are uploaded to the server so that students are able to access them on their fingertips. Virtualized platform empowers students and professors collaborate to work closely on projects – improve efficiency in time management.

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About CloudDesk

CloudDesk, headquartered in Malaysia, has been developing and delivering unique cloud solutions since 2009 for educational institutions, government agencies and enterprises across Asia. CloudDesk’s suite of proprietary solutions deliver Next-Generation Virtual Workspaces which create operational efficiencies and drive long-term cost savings while also enhancing the end-user experience.

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