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CloudDesk vMap

Monitor your lab anytime, anywhere

CloudDesk vMap is a lab management and monitoring tool that allows you to create visible lab map and schedules to be displayed and eanable booking of PC in real-time.

CloudDesk vMap

Customize Lab Maps & Schedules

CloudDesk enables you to easily create maps of your computers labs with built-in smap-to-grid editor and device icons, and allows customization of your lab schedules and holidays.

On premise & Cloud-based

It is can be deployed on-premise or cloud-based (SaaS) for student to view status of availability of each computer in real-time, and book the required PC online. 

Monitoring & Reporting

It enables tracking and gathering of usage data on devices, local and web-based applications, and reports can be exported in Excel format

Key Benefits

How it Works and Delivers

  • Upload or draw your own maps of different computer labs

  • View and book available PC in respectively lab online

  • View charts and statistical reports of PC, device and application usage in real-time

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