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Modular, Scalable, Flexible & Cost-Efficient


CloudDesk's Next-Gen Virutal Workspace Suite

CloudDesk offers an end-to-end suite of products to deploy our Next-Gen Virtual Workspace solution with the objective of helping clients build new levels of user experience and business values through enhancing your IT agility.

End-User Self-Service Portals

A software to create PC lab maps and schedules, and allows end-users to view resources availability in various locations (campuses, offices) and conveniently book desktop and release resrouces through a web portal.

A web portal that allows end-users to create, configure and provision their own desktop and resources, and login to access any of their personal desktop anytime, anywhere.

IT Virtualisation Platform (client / server-based processing)

A unique client-based processing virtualization platform for streaming desktop and enables users to access desktop offline.

An application virtualization software which streams applicaitons to desktop that eliminates compatibility issues.

A lightweight server-based processing VDI platform that allows pooled or personalised virutal desktop to be accessed online anywhere for user BYOD and Mobility solution.

Backend Management Tools (Reporting & Console)

An all-in-one dashboard and metering tool that enable visible monitoring and reporting of resources usage and performance.

We are currently working on developing this console tool to map and manage RDS.

CloudDesk vDash
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