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CloudDesk Solutions

Next-Gen Virtual Workspaces for Next-Gen Users

Cloud computing is currently the fastest growing technologies, and is defining and shaping the next generation IT, workforce and users. “The cloud is a collection of interconnected IT services and infrastructures that are accessible via a network,” says Dr M Rajarajan, a reader in information security at City University London. Cloud computing assists in back up and sync data that is accessible on multiple devices.


Hence, developing cloud computing and a virtual workspace can absolutely bring advantages to the users :


– Cost efficient

– Easy access to information

– Disaster recovery

– Automatic software integration

– Green IT

It is exactly cloud-powered desire for ‘anything, anywhere, anytime’

CloudDesk's industry-focused Virtual Workspace solutions for :

  • Education

  • Research Institutions

  • Public and Government Sectors

  • Financial, Banking & Insurance

  • Commercial Enterprises

CloudDesk purposed every of our research and development effort to innovate technology that goes beyond just enhancing user experience and create business values. We continually enhance our knowledge and capabilities instilled in future trends, to help build future-proof solutions to prepare client for the next generation now, hence staying ahead of their competition.

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